Mountain Biking at Manly Dam

Today was a public holiday in Sydney so thought I’d continue the sporting streak I seem to be on lately and go out Mountain Biking! After a bit of surfing (the web) I found a great track near Manly beach and a cheap rental place. They offer a few routes, ranging from beginners to advanced tracks. Cnfident as I was with my biking skills, I am dutch after all, I decided to go for the advanced Manly Dam trail.

Turns out my biking skills aren’t that good… Even getting to the start of the track proved to be a challenge. After about 500m I took a wrong turn leading me up some steep hills in the opposite direction. Luckily I brought my phone so eventually could work my way to the track using it’s navigation.

The track had some really rough terrain, there was hardly a visible trail and had a lot of big and slippery rocks. It had a lot of steep ascends which forced me to get of my bike cause it took so much energy but the big descends all made it worthwile! It’s a shame we don’t have these kind of tracks back home cause it was really fun to do and is really just about the best workout you can get!

All in all it took me about three hours to finish the track and I was glad I came out alive 🙂 When I got back into Manly I noticed a few live music stands and it turned out they had their annual Jazz festival. After buying some deodorant I relaxed and listened to some great music before taking the ferry back to Sydney.

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