NRL Semi-Finals

If there’s one thing the Aussies like apart from surfin’ it’ll be Rugby! There are two main forms of Rugby, the Rugby League and Rugby Union. I have to admit I’m not sure exactly what the differences are but generally the Rugby League is more aimed to spectators and Rugby Union it the toughest of the two.

The objective of the game is to get the ball into the in-goal area within six plays. If the engaging team doesn’t make it within those plays the other team gets possesion of the ball and will try to do the same. The game is played in two 40 minute halves with about a 10 minute break in between. The game goes on pretty much all of the time so no annoying breaks after each tackle like in American Football. The ball always have to be passed sideways or backwards.

The National Rugby League is coming to an end and my manager managed (!!) to score a few tickets for the semi-finals between the Dragon’s and the West Tigers. The game was held in the Olympic Stadium so me and a few guys from work took a cab up there and met up with the rest. The atmosphere there was really great, both teams were from the vicinity of Sydney so the game had a big turnout. Unlike some sports (you know who you are!), there wasn’t any aggression amongst the supporters and you can even bring alcohol into the stadium.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera so had to rely on my phone for pictures. I just bought the phone so didn’t know how to focus the camera yet (Really it was the phone, the amount of beers had no influence whatsoever on the outcome of these pictures!)

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