The First Day

Got up on Saturday morning Juli 31st ready for my trip down under! Laura picked Astrid and me up around 8am and drove us to the Airport.Astrid bought me a small going away present, a really nice silver alarm clock with an engraving in it. Then after an hour waiting it was time to say goodbye… I could walk straight through to the plane and settled myself in. The seats were really good, could almost drop flat and had a lot of leg space. This really made the trip a lot more bearable, couldn’t imagine doing the same 24 hour trip in economy.

After a long journey someone from Coorporate housing was waiting for me at the appartement and showed me around. It’s a real nice apartement in the middle of the city and only 2 minutes walk from the office. Had a small stroll through the town and went to bed trying to get used to the different time zone. The next day I had a nice walk around town, went to Hyde park watching some guys playing a life sizes checkers match. Everyone seemed to be very relaxed and I think I spotted John Lennon’s son there…

I continued my trip up north through the Royal Botanic Gardens up to the Opera house. I have to admit that the building looks better on pictures but I guess it’s just one of those things you have see when you go to Sydney. Relaxed a bit and then took a walk through Circular Quay back to my Apartment. Since I’ll be staying here for about three months I decided to go out and buy a guitar. Found a guitar store about 5 minutes walk which specialised in Fenders so bought myself a cheap Fender Squier Bullet. To finish my day I took a dive in the apartments swimming pool and had my first Skype sessions with Astrid and Pepijn.

Tomorrows my first working day! Looking forward to meeting the guys and starting the project

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