Derek Trucks Band – Islington Academy

I went through some of my old pictures and came across some from the Derek Trucks Band concert I went to on October 11, 2007. Ever since I got introduced to their music through Eric Clapton’s 2006 tour i’ve been a big fan of him. When I noticed they planned a gig in London I immediately bought a ticket and booked a flight! The night cost me about 400,- euro’s in total but was worth every penny!

When I was waiting outside the club before the show I started to talk to some other Derek fans over there. A lot of them where surpisingly young but of course almost all of them where guitar players :). Suddenly we saw two regular looking guys walking by… took us a while to realise it where Derek and Mike looking for the entrance! So naturally we went after them and got a few pictures. I mentioned to him that I came all the way from the Netherlands to see him and he even replied back to me ” That’s great man!!” 🙂 Felt a bit embarrassed acting like a crazy fan but what can you do?!

I’ve put together a gallery of the pictures I took, along with a scan of one of Yonico’s hand drawn setlists that I found on the internet. I’ll convert a few of the video clips I made to flash and upload them here later on..

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