Burning Cash

I’ve been burning cash lately…

My first purchase was a Car since I recently had to return my lease car. It’s an Opel Astra Club 1.6 from 2000 and it drives great!!

Second purchase was a Line 6 PodX3. I already had the previous model but was looking for something similar for recording my bass guitar. Turned out the new model was also capable to handle bass guitars. Since the previous model was one of my best purchases I decided to go for it… I used it on my guitar already but haven’t found the time yet to play my bass guitar through it.

After this I stil had some cash left over so I succumbed to my greatest flaw, that is buying guitars!! I decided that it was time to go for a ‘real’ one so after a lot of research my eye fell on the Heritage H535 Translucent Wine Red!! Heritage guitars are made by old Gibson employees in the original factory of Gibson. They’re 90% hand build and the guys still use the original machines that where used on the old Gibson guitars. Went over to Amsterdam to play on a few and immediately fell in love with them. I haven’t got a picture or audio file yet but it’s very similar to the photo on the right…

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